But Wait, There's More!

We do more then simply fish, you know....

Beach Cruise: Visit Iguana Island, stroll shell beach and snorkel a beautiful reef (3 hours of fun)

Conch Cruise: Stop at Iguana Island, snorkel a nearby reef and enjoy a delicious conch salad at Paradise Half Moon Beach (3 hours)

Middle Caicos: See the fascinating Indian Caves, relax in the pristine Mudjen Beach and visit historic Conch Bar Town. The a delicious buffet lunch on a deserted island, snorkeling and to finish it off - Iguana Island (Full Day Trip)

Northwest Point: See the Tiki Huts at Malcolm's Beach, Snorkel and enjoy a beach picnic (Half Day Trip)

Minimum of 6 people on Beach Cruises. Private charters are available.